Our support of local initiatives extends to a gifting program, which enables non-profit groups and community organisations to request Senex’s support. Priority is given to activities or initiatives that are closely aligned with our operations. Applications are considered on their merit and in the context of approved and available budgets.

Senex will consider the following types of support:

  • Charitable donation: A gift or contribution made to a non-profit organisation, charity or private foundation without seeking any benefit;
  • Sponsorship/Partnership: A financial contribution in support of an event, activity, or organisation. Senex may benefit from sponsorship by the display of Senex branding or verbal, written and visual acknowledgement; or
  • In-kind: A contribution by Senex or Senex personnel to a non-profit organisation, charity or private foundation in the form of volunteering, services or materials.

Applications for sponsorships and donations can be made by completing a Sponsorships and Donations Application Form.

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Download the Sponsorships and Donations Application form (DOCX) 

Senex may approve or reject an application at its sole discretion. Applicants will receive notice of Senex’s decision within 14 to 30 days of receipt of an eligible application.

Please note there are certain organisations and activities which Senex will not support. These include:

  • commercial, for profit, businesses
  • activities which may be considered disruptive to the community
  • activities that may negatively affect Senex’s reputation
  • organisations where a Senex employee is in a position of directorship or equivalent, or
  • where provision has been made through the corporate program, such as Senex partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Central Operations).